July 2019

Outreach of microbial transfer to be communicated to the public at the Royal Society Summer Festival

June 2018

Explaining biofilms on June 16th 2018 at University of Nottingham Family discovery day #uonoutreach

Latest article on BioRxiv:

Lary, D., Calvert, A., Nerlich, B., Segal, J., Vaughan, N., Randle, J. and Hardie, K.R. (2018). Improving children’s and their visitors hand hygiene compliance. http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/355818v1 doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/355818

May 2018

WebinAr: Interrogation of biofilm architecture to illuminate environmental microniches and the dynamics of antimicrobial penetration. https://support.fluxionbio.com/hc/en-us/sections/200506328-Webinars

October 2016:

Interview on BBC World service ‘The Inquiry’ about antimicrobial resistance. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04cch85

May 2014:

Research in the news: Glo-yo study highlighted in World Biomedical Frontiers.


November 2013:

Publication: Randle, J., Metcalfe, J., Webb, H., Luckett, JCA, Nerlich, B., Vaughan, N. Segal, J., and Hardie, K.R. (2013) Impact of an educational intervention upon the hand hygiene compliance of children. Journal of Hospital Infection. 85(3):220-225.


August 2013:

Research in the news: Infection Control Today reports on the presentation of Dina Lary's research on hand hygiene compliance in hospitals.


March 2013:

Discussion on Antibiotic Resistance on BBC radio Nottingham, Mark Dennison show:

March 19th, Starts 55 minutes, there is news and music in-between and it finishes at 1 hour 15mins. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p015bnbs

June 1212:

Invited talk presented at East Midlands Infectious Diseases Research Network:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa skin infections.

May 2012:

Latest radio broadcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00qsbrd Starts at 1 hour 21 mins into the show. Mark Dennison May 1st BBC Radio Nottingham (there are news and weather bits in between, and it lasts about 25mins altogether)

November 2011:

Interview on BBC radio Nottingham, Andy Whitakker 8/11/11 show time slot 1 h 38 min to 1 h 42 min 30 secondons, talking about handkerchiefs and germ spreading:


Glo-yo featured within ‘Inventor’s Clinic’ at Nottingham Contempory Art Museum. Listen to interview on Inginuity web page


Attendance of the SGM Microbiology Awareness Campaign event at House of Lords on the impact of Microbiology upon global food security


October 2011:

Licence signed to manufacture Glo-yo with Ian Story of Ravencourt Limited


Glo-yo presented as part of Nottingham University Impact campaign. Watch video of it in action.


August 2011:

Article published in Microbiology Today: To Spin out or to License, that is the question.


July 10th 2011:

Provided background information for full page article on Superbugs in Mail on Sunday written by Alice Grebot


June 28th 2011:

Kim Hardie Acted as judge in East Midlands Big Bang competition for high schools.

April 18th 2011:

Provided expert opinion on BBC Radio Nottingham morning show for Frances Finn discussing recent paper on extended beta lactamases in superbugs (Walsh et al. Lancet Infect Dis 2011). Two slots separated by music starting at 2 hour 15 mins

February 2nd 2011:

Provided expert opinion on BBC Radio Nottingham morning show for Frances Finn ‘How dirty is your cash?'

January 2011:

Awarded an Innovation Fellowship to pursue Glo-yo commercialisation

December 2010:

Glo-yo featured in the 2010 Autumn Alumni Exchange magazine, Nottingham University

November 2010:

Article published in SGM magazine, Microbiology Today, describing the Nottingham Public Understanding of Science Event about Superbugs

October 2010:

Kim Hardie’s profile and research were included in the brochure for the Nottingham University WinSET event to celebrate the achievements of women working in Science, Engineering and Technology.

September 2010:

Public Event ‘Stopping the Spread of Superbugs’ at the SGM conference, Nottingham University.


A streamed broadcast of this event and it’s popular predecessor at Cheltenham Science festival are available on the SGM website.

Reference to development of the Glo-yo in the Guardian by Prof Richard James.


“The worry is once these organisms are out in the community," says James. "There probably is some need for public education about infection and, for instance, kitchen hygiene when you are cooking. People of my generation were taught a lot about washing your hands before every meal. It was automatic that it was done. A lot of that has gone." There are some innovative ideas about, he says, on ways of teaching children in school to wash their hands – in the hope that they will then go home and pester their parents to do the same.

July 2010:

Mon 19th July:

Interview with Ashley about Glo-yo for Heart 106 Radio.


Fri 16th:

Press release about Glo-yo on University of Nottingham front page


Thur 15th:

Report on Glo-yo for BBC East Midlands Today


Tue 13th:

Interview about Glo-yo on BBC Radio Nottingham with Andrew Whittaker at 7.55am


Mon 12th:

Filmed for a report about the Glo-yo on BBC East Midlands Today Evening News by Carol Hinds News at John Clifford Junior School, Chilwell. To be screened shortly

Fri 9th:

Glo-yo selected from the University of Nottingham Innovation Expo for an article in the

Nottingham Evening Post

May 2010:

Glo-yo featured on Eastmidlands Today 22.30pm News broadcast as part of opening of new Biomedical Research Unit, QMC, by Leslie Ash